The Black Wing p. 23

The Black Wing p. 23

Consider this comic updated.

For the record, if I ran an ancient guild of monster hunters, I'd let the ladies in.

06:41, 07.12.14
SvetikNigh: проститутки нн
07:54, 06.29.14
medPlasmaJet: удаление бородавок
02:08, 06.27.14
proprodykt: Работа с хорошими перспективами
07:38, 06.26.14
nonopain: - здоровье человека
01:28, 06.23.14
jasminNN: - секс без обязательств нижний новгород
00:40, 06.07.14
RobertNino: s1d 3h5dmcchdsyhavvxfp 2nqlyvzeg2kq09wnwq サマンサタバサ 財布 激安
12:41, 06.06.14
LagunaVIP: индивидуалки нн
03:55, 06.01.14
XRumerTest: Hello. And Bye.
06:20, 05.20.14
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08:35, 05.18.14
Trevoron: This is a beautiful shot with very good light-weight :o

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07:53, 05.12.14
hxuuojfade: eotia{pncfotusjlft, kzuminqqps
20:11, 05.03.14
Reubencop: Thank you for including the lovely pictures-- so vulnerable to a sense of reflection.

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21:51, 04.24.14
BirdPlusNN: проститутки Нижнего Новгорода
11:33, 04.23.14
marketnngood: доставка суши нижний новгород
10:10, 04.22.14
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18:36, 04.19.14
Kou The Mad: The Hell? who are you and why have you taken my name? I SHALL SHOW YOU MADNESS!
23:58, 04.14.14
saunaVAM: бани нижнего новгорода
22:39, 04.13.14
Kou The Mad: I am a fucking retard
18:34, 04.13.14
14:33, 04.11.14
Walterfump: If you suffer from any of these circumstances or injuries, it is worth taking the time to consult your doctor or physical therapist concerning the use of heel Lifts
17:45, 04.02.14
Kou The Mad: i think i have an explanation for all these bots. 'ahem' Nanomachines Son!
16:53, 02.26.14
Kou The Mad: it begins again
20:35, 01.30.14
dragon: i didn't realize elder gods had spam bots
15:53, 01.30.14
DJH4311: Called the C3-P0 suit lol, shh indded :P

Maybe Discuss for comments? Seen it used more and more of late, it might be good.
22:30, 01.27.14
Trevor: I can't imagine what would help though, a "clear chat" kinda thing might be useful but perhaps it might be worth updating this captia check which these are amazingly passing.
01:16, 01.27.14
Kou The Mad: The Spammers reproduce faster than Zombie Rabbits!
12:37, 01.15.14
Kou The Mad: Yeah, we REALLY need to do something about spamming and bots.
09:04, 01.09.14
Trevor: I agree Kou.
14:43, 01.08.14
Kou The Mad: i am loving the more frequent updates.
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